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January 8, 2013


Does your family have an “interesting”, for lack of a better word, family favorite food? Perhaps like Elvis’ fried peanut butter and banana sandwich.  Our family has a family cake, the Icebox cake. It is made with dry lady fingers, layered with bitter chocolate, and topped off with fresh whip cream.  Newbies into the family are still skeptical about the Jennings family cake.  Others try to change up the recipe.  What?  No way!  It is THE cake.  Don’t mess with the cake.

A former roommate of my husband often enjoyed bacon fat sandwiches.  He kept a coffee can in the refrigerator filled with the greasy, gelatinous bacon renderings.  Pull out some dark rye bread, slather on the coffee can goo and voila breakfast.  Once, I ventured into the can, craving a pre-bar snack.  A slice of bread, a thin layer of bacon fat and for something healthy, a slice of tomato.  Hello?!…

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