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January 10, 2013



alright. i will be the first to admit that sometimes i think too much about things. not everything. i’m not one to analyze what “he” said, or ask what-did-that-text-really-mean, or wonder what was that look for? really, i fail to notice these particular things probably all too often, but that’s neither here nor there. the one thing i cannot help myself from over thinking is parenting.

i am constantly back and forth in my mind, questioning if i sent the right lunch, if i held them long enough on the sofa this morning, if i was looking them in the eyes when i said i love you. and today for some reason, i was wondering things like, do i say enough? do i tell them what i want to be sure they know?

i feel so busy. i hate that. so busy, that i have this lingering buzz…

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