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Bless Baby

January 11, 2013

Having a sick baby was Bless ‘But. Test) It was hard for my Family:The bible say a man is the Head,But it seem to look lik we both was Head Hunter) with my bless Baby I had to learn how to be a mother,wife @ a woman.People don’t understand about being behind the wall of a home with a very sick child) I have kids older the my bless Baby ) But things was different when Jas was born.I had to learn things I thought I Knew) How to love unconditional.,to be a mother@ wife. I had to learn that I needed God n my life) I was lost n this path that almost take me out @ my family ) I saw my mother and cuzn with Epilepsy But didn’t understand ) What the inside look like,. My daughter was 4 months old when she had her first seizure) She was 1 year old when they started everyday maybe 10 a day ) so at that time I was not n church ) not having Faith) Living n the World ) so I almost give up)  I saw the devil telling me that I was Nothing ) My Bless Baby will be Nothin) so it was time for me too Kill Myself )my baby was so sick ) nothing was help her ) He would be n my bed at night,telling me it time)  just knew I was crazy ) I started to see my baby having seizures n my sleep) But she was not ) so I started to put things behind the window and doors so the devil couldn’t com n at night ) so my baby was getting sick and sicker)So n my mind I started thinking maybe I would just kill myself ; @ the devil would leave my baby along) So the day I decide to do it ) and he keep saying take your Baby life too ) Wow Wow ) saying to myself ) I am really going crazy ) so I didn’t hav a car at this time ) saying to myself ) It’s get to be the devil n this House ) so I started walking and walking ) until I walk to the center ) DO U NO GOD HAS ANGLE FOR YOU ) MYS WAS AT THE CENTER ) AM ALIVE


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