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January 11, 2013

well 2004 I was still trying to work and take care of my kids ) But thing was going wrong n the home ) Kids was growing up needed me to stay more time with them @ the husband wanted more time with him ).But all the time was going to all the doctor appointment and work ) the more they all wanted the more I was feeling along ) But I knew they all love me and i love them too. But Jas had to slp with us all the time just because of her sickness. So it take away from things from a wife )my husband never said it but could feel it n a lot of ways ) But am so glad we made it work out for our family) It was so hard at time ) that couldn’t keep my eyes open ) Than it happen, I got a call at work Jas auntie saying Jas was taken to the hospital she was not doing go at all). So we was on our way to the ER ) as soon as we walk n the room ) The Machine went to blank_0 ) My heart drop ) what happens) So the doctors work on her ) and she com though ) ONLY GOD CAN DO ALL THINGS) so she stayed n the ICU for weeks ) But she’s fine ) So I ask God what do I need to do ) So I prayed and prayed ) so I had to leave my Job of 10 years) so n my voice!!!, God how will this work out ) He said BELIEVE AND FAITH .)))  At the time  I was not so sure about that ) I had backslide from church ) I believe n God but my Faith was weak ) I just don’t understand how that happen when I knew God had save my daughter. So the doctor tell us she may have some brain damage from all the seizures. She had to have a VNS and we wouldn’t no how she was until she was awake)so a week after Jas start talking  and smiling lik never before .Now I take off work dont no what was going to happen or how the bill going to get payed ) But at that time I see what God can do.And I Had to trust God and Faith that he would work it out ) But Go thought a lots and it was so hard at time ) I went without thing I wanted ) But God didn’t let me Go without things I NEEDED)*** He place people n our life That help us and that we could Help ) cause so many time I felt so along ) at the hospital at home ) Most of my family was not here.But God place people there for you ) jus to show you’re not along ) PEOPLE MAY THINK WE LOST A LOT ) BUT GOD GIVE US A GIFT) MY BLESS BABY )


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