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Mothers love

January 12, 2013

A mother will do anything for her child, A mother stay up as long as it take for her child).So many nights my cup was running over with weakness) But did it for my child. So many time my baby was so sick she would lay n my arms and I would rock and CRy rock and cry asking the Lord please heal my baby). Epilepsy is very damage and strengthful). I see n her eyes sometime, she would so tried But she wouldn’t give up)).she also saw n me that I was tried, but I was trying not to show her the pain.I feel lik a mother sould do everything for her child ) So that’s what hurt me so bad, that I can’t help me baby.

Epilepsy is lik a train coming, you never know until the light come on !!!! It so hard to see my baby try to play with kids that look at her lik there is somethin wrong with her ) ever adult do the same thing ) Just because they don’t understand that God made her just as beautiful as anyone else). I hate to tell her sometimes that she can’t go jump or run or play to long cause of her Epilepsy). She’s try to be lik most kids she’s a fighter.I love my bless baby so much. I thank God for blessing me with her, she make my life what is today Bless)!!!!

Make the brain send mixed- up message to other parts of the body.. then she had a seizure


.. Some meds make her have bad mood swings, sometime ppl don’t understand what all Epilepsy do to ppl. Epilepsy is very difficult it has a lot of side effects ) ) so there a lots that people don’t understand about Epilepsy, people don’t understand the 1 seizure would Kill a person and my baby may have 5to 10 day)So I no God has bless us, 2004 my baby had 389 seizures n 1years)  SEE I NO THERE IS POWER N PRAYER))))))))


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