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January 13, 2013

Well this was n 2009, and things was a little better. I am still trying to be superma wife@ nurse to my baby and house keeper and trying to work n the church) Jas love going to church and given God Praise,,, sometime she would hav a seizure that morin and ready for church) That’s my baby)

(So it happen )
My husband lost his job n Nov ) and I am saying to myself ) Lord Lord What is this ) Now both of us nothin work ) So Faith has to kick In cause am losing It ) so am saying to myself) YOU HAVE TO NO THERE WILL BE A TEST) So have the Faith. So life goes on,
Now here n Dec 19 2009 Jas get real sick so we had to go to the ER) Her seizures was so bad she couldn’t see me,.Jas seizures was so bad the doctor wouldn’t let me back there) so here come my husband and my oldest daughter ) so am trying to talk to them ) to tell them things will be okay) but not knowing for Sure)

So the doctors come out to tell us they were still working on her and they would have to put her to sleep so her brain can rest) But the seizures was so long ) not nothing how it would affected her until she’s a waken) Wow that is a lot to take in at one time……..I don’t care how save you are or how much Faith u Have)))) Your heart will drop about one of your kids)))

Then I tried to pray to myself at first cause I didn’t want them to see me worry ) cause if they see my worry they will worry)) so they look at me and I said everything will be okay)….. So I go n the restroom and prayed to God ))I no your are a Healer you said she was heal and am standing on your word father!!!! and someone knock on the door,I knew right then thing would be ok)) so I came out the restroom and we was waiting on  the doctor to tell us what was going On with my baby. And a Lady came over to talk to me ,and she ask why ur not broke down, cause she would have been ) she go on to say I had to call my mother to tell her about you. And told her it’s not about me ,it’s about Him and my Faith n Him
I had to believe n what God Said )) that she’s Healed N the Blood of Jesus)
Epilepsy is a Misunderstood Disorder

So I was at home more then I knew what home was. So Dec 24 2009 Jas wake up and started to breathing on her on and her first Word was The Blood The blood )) TEARS FLOW RIGHT NOW AS I WRITE THIS


But we still had a long way to go )cause the seizures was so bad that she had to learn all over again): see epilepsy is a disability it sometime cause u to lose vision make you have mood swin,anxiety attacks. One side of her brain was moving n slow movement and her muscle n her legs was she had be n a wheelchair But out all that she still keep her Faith N God ))))  Love always


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