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Corpus calluso

February 18, 2013

This was very difficult,Cause I wasn’t so sure, But Sure) I no that sound a lil crazy… Meaning it was hard for me.. BUT GOD Had SAID YES…I just have to tell the truth,Sometime when God tells us something, sometime we’re still afraid…cause the devil will always try to mess with your Flesh and your Faith…I am Just being Real!!, But I no when God say it, IT DONE. And I believe that…..

So 2012 I had to make a decision, My baby needed  to have brain surgery, it was call CORPUS CALLUSO,Yes I was very scared… BUT MY FAITH KNEW GOD WAS N CONTROL…

So 6/5/2012 she had corpus calluso it is a operation that severs Cut) the callosum, interrupting the spread of seizures, from hemisphere to hemisphere…A small window of the bone is removed to perform the surgery, and then replaced after the corpus callosum has been divided…

Seizures generally don’t completely stop all after this procedure) they continue on the side of the brain in which they originals…however the seizures usually became less severe, as they cannot spread to the opposite side of the Brain … Sometime it call split brain surgery…

Jas still have seizures but she has not any DROP SEIZURES…

We’re still praying for a complete Healing.. @ to be SEIZURE FREE


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  1. robind333 permalink

    I will be praying for little Jasmine….She will be in the comfort of Christ Jesus, God and his angels. Many, many blessings to you….Robin..

  2. Thanks so much ..robins333 ….

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