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My journey with Epilepsy

October 14, 2013


Jasmine was a full term baby 7.14oz.. a very beautiful lil girl.but she had to stay under the light for a few day cause of  jaundice.after that we came home and things was wonderful.. Then our life changes at 4months old she had a febrile seizures,doctor said it was cause by a fever and that she may not have another one. So we went home and life went back to normal.Until at 9 months she had another febrile seizures. so with this seizure doctors give her a seizure meds and she did good until she was 15 months and the night mare started  she was having seizures everyday,she had Grand-mal, focal, myoclonic and tonic seizures. ..

It was a nightmare.. this was so hard for our family.. 2002 she stop breathing cause of uncontrol seizures. I just couldn’t imagine it .. my baby) Lord help me .. she stayed in the ICU for a week and she started to get better and went home…:-)

But 2004 it happen again she seize for a hr.. she stay in ICU again for a week or more and so with seizure she had to get a VNS …. It help a little but she still had seizures daily and she had Grand-mal seizures so bad that she has cut her ear, knot her teeth out,  bruises all over her body.. and injured her head so many time that doctors order her a helmet….

But doctors couldn’t tell me Why ,Why my baby have seizures.. EEG and MRI show nothing but slow movement on the right side of her brain..
        2009 it happen again she stop breathing this time was really different she couldn’t see and hear my voice .. All I know to do was call on God help my lil girl she need you … She stay in ICU weeks.. but God was with her talking to her all the way.. so made it .. 🙂 she had 489 seizures that year along.. God is Good
         So 2012 she had brain surgery
     Corpus treat the drop seizures.. and it’s been a year and no drop seizures:-)  thank you Jesus…drop seizures are damage…you never know when it was going to happen….

  But since surgery she was diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome…rare disease  that cause SUDEP .. .. .But God Is Good all the time.. Help us find a cure…
      Support *Epilepsy Awareness<
Save a life…
Support Awareness….


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