Different but smart .. my daughter was bullied at school last year by her teacher and aids. She call her stupid because she’s was not able to write or read.she fuss her because she couldn’t move fast enough for her.she push her wheelchair out of her way. They refused to feed her for 3 days but they lied to the Principal that she don’t want to eat. But it was on record that my daughter ask her 3 time can you feed me please and the lady said No you just being lazy.than after I reported her the teacher get in my daughter’s face and ask her why did u go home and tell your mother that lie..NO ONE HIT YOU. and still the Principal did nothing. But I did find out that the school cover up a lot of things at Avon high. But they said my daughter was making this up until I had it recorded…our children have to struggle with daily challenges just to stay alive. So why would you bully a child so bad that she’s afraid to go back to school..so I have filled a state complaint against the lady and the aids in her class room …. she’s not lazy or stupid different but Smart …..